How Does America Compare to Other Wealthy Nations With Percentage of Religious People? It's ASTOUNDING

America has traditional been called a Christian nation. President Obama likes to refer to it as a nation of many religions and not predominantly Christian. But how does America compare to other wealthy western nations?


According to a Pew Research poll, 54% of Americans consider religion to be "very important" in their lives. Compare that to 24% in Canada, 21% in Australia, 21% in Germany, and less than 20% in Britain and France.

And when it comes to understanding that a belief in God is the first step towards having morals and values, 53% of Americans said yes while only 23% of Australians and 15% of French think the same.

That's quite a difference. And a disheartening one, at that.

But here's something else that's interesting. Another Pew poll said that of people who believe hard work is "very important" for getting ahead in life, 73% of Americans agree while only 60% of Brits and 49% of Germans feel that way.

And finally, a third Pew poll that's quite telling. When asked if their day has been a particularly good day so far, 41% of Americans said yes. Only 27% of Brits and 21% of Germans did. And if you take a peek at fast-paced, tech-savvy Japan, the results are frightening. Only 8% of Japanese surveyed felt like they were having a good day.

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