How Did Chuck Norris Help Defeat Communism?

As described in, according to a new film released at the Sundance Film Festival, Chuck Norris may have played a key role in the overthrow of communism.

The country which was instrumental when communism finally fell in Eastern Europe was Romania.

According to WND, “'The fearless stories of action heroes like Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme captured every child’s imagination,” say the makers of “Chuck Norris vs. Communism."


The movie said that Romania, which had been shut off from the modern world, saw action heroes like Chuck Norris and it exposed them to a whole potential reality that was far different from the gray world in which they lived.

That helped add fuel to a process which saw the people of Romania eventually rise up in 1989 against the dictator who had ruled the country. As Romania fell and the USSR did not intervene, within a short time Eastern Europe, which had lived under Communist domination for decades, was free.

So did Chuck Norris really "invade Romania"? Of course not, but his films may have helped play a role in exposing Romanians to a world that was far more exciting and heroic than the one in which they lived. And Romania and Eastern Europe are free today!

Read more at WND.

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