How Candace Cameron Bure Can Stand Being On 'The View'

It doesn't seem like it would be easy to be a Christian and political conservative on "The View" with its largely liberal discussion panel and an in-studio audience that seems to applause everything they espouse.

But in an interview with Parade, Candace Cameron Bure revealed what being on "The View" every day is like.


Candace has a history of acting but says, "For the first time in my life, I’m myself on TV every single day. I’m not reading a script. I’m not acting, and there’s a skill set to being up on politics and hot topics, having an opinion and trying to give that in a 30-second sound bite."

And being a Christian hasn't destroyed her career. Rather, it's directed it.

Candace said, "My Christian faith shapes who I am, so it’s a part of me no matter what I do. I don’t leave it at the doorstep. For me in this industry, my faith has worked to my advantage. My goal was just to stay true to myself, but because I’ve been outspoken about it, shows like 'The View' have called because they’re glad that I embrace it."

Being on "The View" also helps her share her beliefs with a larger audience.

"There are so many channels on television that if you’re not watching them all," Candace said, "I’m just one of those people that can slip by unnoticed, but it’s not because I haven’t been here. I’m more in the public eye now because I’m on television every day with "The View."

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