How Big Of An Effect Is FBI's October Surprise Having? It's ASTONISHING

"October surprises" from WikiLeaks and Project Veritas have certainly done their part in eroding Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump, but perhaps the biggest, and most unexpected, "October surprise" yet has come from the FBI as they announced a reopening of Hillary's e-mail scandal criminal investigation, let it slip out that they were aggressively investigating the Clinton Foundation, shared investigation files on Bill-pardoned Marc Rich, and released extensive notes from Hillary's e-mail investigation that put her and her staff in a very negative light.

How big of an effect are the FBI's surprises having on the presidential race as we near the finish line?


According to a Fox News Electoral Scorecard Friday, New Hampshire has moved from "lean Democrat" to being a "toss-up" state, Ohio was a "toss-up" but now leans Republican, and both Indiana and Missouri have both shifted from leaning toward Republican to "solid Republican."

According to the data, it's still an uphill battle for Trump to beat Hillary on Tuesday, but he's just announced that he is heading to Democrat-leaning Wisconsin on Sunday, where 10 electoral votes are at play, according to Fox 6 Now. In fact, he was just there earlier this week, and Mike Pence and Paul Ryan are headed there too, according to Politico.

RealClearPolitics has made the battle clear:


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