NEW: HORRIFYING Evidence Tells Story Of Florida Airport Shooter


On Friday, a man opened fire on innocent people at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. 5 people died and at least 8 were injured in his horrendous attack.

Reports state that Esteban Santiago had arrived in Florida after taking a flight from Canada. Upon retrieving his luggage, he took out his checked gun and loaded it in the restroom. He then proceeded outside to the baggage claim where he began shooting people at random.

New details show that only months ago, Esteban was in Alaska and even in an FBI office. Reports state that walked into the office voluntarily and told authorities his mind was being controlled by U.S. intelligence and he was being forced to fight for ISIS.  At the time when he told authorities this in Alaska, Santiago had left his newborn child and a gun out in his car.


At the time when he told authorities this in Alaska, Santiago had left his newborn child and a gun out in his car.

Authorities responded by taking away his gun and ordering a mental evaluation of Santiago, who is only 26 years-old. However, they did not have enough evidence to declare him mentally unfit to possess a firearm. A month passed and Santiago was able to retrieve his gun from the police headquarters in Alaska.

Reports now state that it was the same gun Santiago used in Friday's massacre. Airport officials say Santiago only checked one bag: the gun case with his handgun and two magazines. After firing the first magazine he proceeded to fire the other.

As people ran from the airport, numerous reports came in about a possible second gunman.  Those rumors were lated proved untrue and at this time police are confident Santiago was the lone attacker.

Santiago is reportedly cooperating with authorities and has confessed. He could potentially face the death penalty for the attack.

Please pray for the victims of the attack and their families.

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