Hope Rises For Child Found In A Forest, Surviving Unbelievable Circumstances


Recently, a young girl was found in a forest who was suspected to have been raised by monkeys. The public compared her story to Disney classics of 'Tarzan' and 'The Jungle Book'.

Officers finally saved her after being attacked by the monkeys themselves, leading them to search for her family and home. 

Originally, her identity had not yet been determined and she was believed to be abandoned by her family because of her mental disabilities. However, a couple has come forward claiming that this child is their daughter, according to the Daily Mail.

Apparently, the child’s name is Aliza, she is 8 years old, and the parents did everything they could to find her after she went missing on a shopping trip in March of 2016. 

“She's not mentally stable. We got busy buying some medicines for a few seconds and she suddenly vanished. We looked for her everywhere but couldn't find her.”



(Left: the image from a poster the family hung after Aliza went missing. Right: a picture of Aliza when she was found)

After little help from law enforcement and taking action on their own, the couple eventually gave up and tried to move on with their lives and other children.

Her family was relieved when they saw all of the headlines:

“The joy of knowing she's alive cannot be expressed in words. I feel so blessed to know we could get her back.”

The couple and Aliza will soon take part in DNA tests to ensure she does indeed belong to them.

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