Hillary Clinton Faces New Potentially Devastating Investigation

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is starting to buckle under the weight of her scandals. The FBI has reopened their investigation into her private email server and is also investing the Clinton Foundation for potential ‘pay to play’ violations in which her foundation received money from individuals who sought to gain access or favors from the then Secretary of State.

While it is still rare for the mainstream media to even cover the active criminal investigations, one particular investigation has gone almost completely unnoticed. According to the Dallas Observer, the Clinton Foundation is under investigation by the IRS over their tax exempt status.

Earlier this year, 64 members of Congress sent a letter to the IRS highlighting media reports of potential illegal ‘pay to play’ pertaining to the large sums of money Bill Clinton received as speaking fees as well as special access and attention given to large donors. In July, the IRS confirmed in a letter to Congress that an investigation was underway.

The IRS investigation is looking into whether members of the foundation were using funds for personal enrichment. The IRS is also looking into whether money or gifts were exchanged for access or preferential treatment.

The investigation is unlikely to be complete before the election, however it is another damaging blow to the Clinton campaign to be under yet another investigation.

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