Dealing with Discouragement


All of us get discouraged at times. For some, it is minor and temporary. We run into a setback at work. It seems that our spouse—or kids—or friend—frustrates us in the same way again.  

For others of us, the discouragement is huge and potentially long lasting. We feel we don't have the education to get a job we like—so we are stuck in a job we just endure. Maybe we have a health problem that is severe and just doesn't respond to treatment. Maybe we are facing a mountain that just doesn't seem to move.

If you are discouraged, here are 3 suggestions that could be of help.

1)  Pray!  God is greater than your biggest problem—and He can turn your problem into an opportunity!  You can pray that God will remove your obstacle—or give you His greater perspective to see around the problem—or give you a way to move around it and keep moving forward. 

2) Change! Shift your perspective and try to look at your problem from a different viewpoint. Is there anything positive that could come out of it? Is there a way to dissect your problem to make it more manageable? Can you break your problem into pieces and perhaps solve one portion of it at a time?

3) Encourage! Some problems you can't always change, but maybe God can help lift your perspective and attitude. Is there a good friend who could encourage you? Do you know anyone who has been through something similar? You can sometimes look for a good book—or an article online—that could encourage you and give you perspective. Look in the Bible for God's encouraging words to you. Think of God's many blessings that you can be thankful for.

May God encourage you in your times of challenge and discouragement!

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