Group Orders Women in America To Be ‘Seen But Not Heard’

A group in New York is telling women they should be “seen but not heard,” according to Breitbart.

It’s a liberal feminist group.

In solidarity with the “Day Without A Woman” female strike slated for Wednesday — and sponsored by liberal and anti-Trump groups like Planned Parenthood and — a coalition of teenager girls is calling for a “Classroom Without Girls.” But it’s got one major flaw.


According to their flyer, the “Classroom Without Girls” seeks to “show boys and men why [women] are so important to society, not just because we are pretty faces.”

And to show that, they’re encouraging girls to show up in class Wednesday but not answer questions, raise their hands, or participate in any way.

Rather, the flyer explicitly says, “We will be ‘seen, but not heard.’”

Wait, didn’t their great-grandmothers march to give women the right to vote so that they, too, could have a voice in America?

“Every person in a classroom contributes,” the flyer continues. “Because we all have independent brains and thoughts.”

Except that’s not the message conveyed by participants at the post-Inauguration day “Women’s March On Washington,” which the “Day Without A Woman” is patterned after, who expressed on camera that pro-life women don’t have a place in their march, even though almost half of women in the U.S. are pro-life, according to Statista.

The messaging from the “Women’s March” suggested that the vast majority of women are liberal, pro-choice, anti-Trump feminists. And liberal feminists like Madeleine Albright perpetuated that idea when supporting Hillary Clinton during the campaign and saying that “There's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other!” according to the Guardian.

“Here is the thing, we cannot just sit in the back of class talking,” the “Classroom Without Girls” flyer concludes. “We need to be silent.”

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