GOP Candidate Catches Democrat Incumbent IN THE ACT Of Stealing Opponent's Flyers

As people like James O'Keefe are often telling us, corruption in the Democratic Party, especially when it comes to election season, is something that occurs from the very top to the very bottom. While even leaders like Hillary Clinton are embroiled in scandals over illegal campaign activities, Democrat state representatives in small races in little-populated states are engaging in corruption as well.

For example, Republican House of Representative candidate Ryan McDonald of Idaho has been running for the first time in the small District 16, which encapsulates Garden City and a small portion of Boise, according to the Idaho Statesman. Just last week, as he was walking the streets of his districts, he noticed his Republican colleague's opponent, Democrat State Rep. John McCrostie, going door to door with campaign fliers under his arm for his opponent in a bag that bore Republican U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador's logo.


Suspecting his opponent of sabotaging Republican campaigns, McDonald turned on his audio recorder and approached McCrostie. Now listen to this "gotcha" exchange as McDonald, who McCrostie doesn't recognize, catches him in the act:

Listen to audio

Here's how the incredibly awkward conversation went:

MCDONALD (R): "Do you think the Republicans go around taking [campaign flyers] off the door if you put them up there?"

MCCROSTIE (D): "Um, I don't know."

MCDONALD (R): "Is that just part of the..."

MCCROSTIE (D): "It wouldn't surprise me."

MCDONALD (R): "Do you ever do it? Have you ever done it?"

MCCROSTIE (D): "Would I ever do that? No!"

MCDONALD (R): "C'mon..."

MCCROSTIE (D): "I mean, there are some of those very childish games..."

MCDONALD (R): "I only say that, I guess, because I saw you with [Republican] Labrador's stuff."


MCDONALD (R): "Yeah. Yeah. Do you want to fess up to it now?"

MCCROSTIE (D): "Well, so..."

MCDONALD (R): "Want to fess up to it? So you do it?

MCCROSTIE (D): "So, you know, it's part of the game..."

MCDONALD (R): "So, I'm McDonald."

MCCROSTIE (D): "You're McDonald! OK. Well, would you like these back?"

MCDONALD (R): "Yeah, I'm going to take them back."


MCDONALD (R): "And that will be reported now.

MCCROSTIE (D): "C'mon..."

MCDONALD (R): "C'mon, what?! This isn't over."

MCCROSTIE (D): "No, it'll be over on November 8th."

MCDONALD (R): "It won't be over! This is not over!

McCrostie later released an apology in a statement.

McDonald, who filed a complaint with the police and election officials, lamented, “It’s one of those things where you never really expect it to happen to you, especially in my first time running. During this election we’ve heard so much about morals and how we need to do what’s right. It’s surprising that in an election cycle where we’re so worried about truth and honesty, we’re getting lies and theft.”

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