WINTER IS COMING; 10 Reasons To Be Thankful For It

Unless you live someplace like Miami or Phoenix, you're experiencing the fast approach of winter right about now. But amidst the freezing cold, gray skies, lifeless trees, and threat of...

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Scientist Names New Species After Obama, But Wait Until You See What It Is

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VIRAL: Baby Girl Has The Funniest — Or Creepiest — Laugh; You Judge

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College Students Support Kaepernick's Protest, But Watch Them Try To Actually Sing National Anthem

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When it comes to taking photos of her baby, this hilarious mom doesn't wait until her infant wakes up and...

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2 Thieves Rob Cellphone Store At Gunpoint, But Watch What Happens When They Try To Leave

Surveillance footage with audio captured a pure Internet video gem when two thieves robbed a New Jersey cellphone store last...

Video: This Dog Has Wheels!

When 16-year-old Karla began teaching her border collie tricks, she had no idea just how far her dog would go....

KFC Just Invented Something The World Never Needed, And It's Going Like Hot Cakes

KFC just invented something the world never needed, yet it's going like hot cakes. What is it?

Conservative Comedian Goes Undercover To Reveal The Major Flaw In “Common Sense” Gun Control

Conservative comedian and radio host, Steven Crowder, took to the streets to point out the flawed logic of liberals who...