Crazy Russian Dad RIPS Into Miley Cyrus, Other Celebrities For Saying They'll Leave

Soviet Russian immigrant and YouTube sit-down comedian Crazy Russian Dad went viral after hilariously telling Hillary Clinton supporters to relax and be appreciative of the fact that they live in...

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Crazy Russian Dad Has A Message For Sore Losers After Election

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Mark Dice RIDICULES Media For Going BERSERK Over Trump Having Dinner Without Them

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'Duck Dynasty' Star: Trump And I Aren't Stupid, Although We Look Dumb

Mark Dice Asks Women Why They Don't Like Hillary

Hillary Clinton is counting on women to come out in droves to vote for her simply because she is a...

Attention To Details: The Difference Between Men And Women's Brains

These days, it seems like you'll get skewered for even suggesting there's a possible difference between men and women. The...

Man Predicts 2016 Cubs World Series Win...In 1993 Yearbook?!

Mike Lee of Chicago has predicted that the Cubs will win this year's World Series. But he did it back...

Jim Gaffigan Explains Why He Was Asked To Do Stand-Up Comedy For the Pope

"I think they searched North America for the worst Catholic..." Jim Gaffigan is a very funny guy and he doesn't...

Cat Desperately Tries To 'Save' Owner From Drowning, And It's Cutest Thing EVER

In a video that is adorable and heartbreaking at the same time, a kitty desperately tries to save its owner...