Attention To Details: The Difference Between Men And Women's Brains

These days, it seems like you'll get skewered for even suggesting there's a possible difference between men and women. The hilarious Mark Gungor isn't afraid to go there, comically describing...

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chicago cubs

Man Predicts 2016 Cubs World Series Win...In 1993 Yearbook?!

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When Girl Signaled Cargo Ship To Toot Its Horn, She Got Way More Than Expected

Cat Desperately Tries To 'Save' Owner From Drowning, And It's Cutest Thing EVER

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Weather Map Goes BERSERK During Live Broadcast; Watch HILARIOUS Way Weatherman Handles It

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Is Your Pet's Halloween Costume Sexist? Most Likely, Yes, According To...

Is your pet's Halloween costume this year sexist? Most likely, yes, according to a progressive podcaster in San Francisco.

When Man Couldn't Get Ahold of Rescuers To Check On Grandma, He Turned To Papa John's

No, this is not a Papa John's commercial, but it should be.

Fox News Interviews ADORABLE Tiny Trump After Rally Appearance Went VIRAL

A tiny version of Donald Trump stole the show at a Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania rally on Monday. Dressed as the GOP...

Can A Gun Also Be A Musical Instrument? Marksman Shows Us How It's Done

Can a gun also be used as a musical instrument? A marksman shows us how it's done: