Nordstrom Sells Dumbest Gift In The World For Christmas...And They're SOLD OUT.

We wish this was a joke.  Sadly though, this is real life in America. The popular retailer Nordstrom has a "brand new" product hitting the shelves this Christmas.  A rock...

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Hillary's Latest Hypocrisy Sends MSNBC Host Into HYSTERICS

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Hard To Know What To Make Of This Trump-Hillary Christmas Ad, But It's Hilarious

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Sing It! 'It's The Most Wonderful Time In 8 Years'

Fan Messes With Country Singer Who Jumps Off Stage To Punch Him! Watch Here!

Most country concerts are super fun times.  For fans of this show, they got a little extra entertainment for their...

This Old Gun Commercial Tells A Simple Message In A Hilarious Way

Here's an old gun commercial that tells a simple message in a hilarious way. You don't see a TV ad...

The MOST HILARIOUS Short Thanksgiving Message You Will Ever Hear

A common stereotype is that whenever Baptists assemble, there's food involved. Well, Pastor Michael Ray Johnson of Shasta Baptist Church...

Here's What You're Going To Feel Like After Eating All That Turkey

Here's how you're going to feel after eating all that turkey, as illustrated by cats:

Watch Hillary Supporters Accidentally Agree With Trump

As protesters across America — some organic, some paid — continue to rail against President-Elect Donald Trump and his plans,...

Crazy Russian Dad: I Have Better Advice For Students Who Can't Handle Trump Win

Online comedian Crazy Russian Dad is an immigrant from the Soviet Union and feels very blessed to be living in...