Franklin Graham: What Georgia Gov's Sell Out Decision Means For Christians

Two states have made very different decisions this last week concerning bowing to LGBT pressure. North Carolina's governor has vetoed a bill that would let transgenders use whatever bathroom they want. He is facing immense persecution for it--with some cities like San Francisco even banning their employees from visiting NC. Georgia, however, has done the opposite. In response to huge pressure from the LGBT community and like-minded big businesses, the governor has thrown out a bill that would protect pastors from having to perform gay marriages.

Here, in a passionate Facebook post, Franklin Graham decries the governor's "sell out" move. 



The implications of this are yet to be seen, but they could include pastors being fined or potentially imprisoned for refusing to marry same-sex couples. Churches could go bankrupt over this. This is a huge deal. Find out more about the bill here

What do you think of Graham's post and what has just happened in Georgia? Let us hear from you in the Comments!

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