Franklin Graham Warns Of Christian Persecution Following Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Many are wondering what the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on Friday could mean for Christians and their freedom of religion. Franklin Graham says he knows, according to this Fox news report.


“You better be ready and you better be prepared because it’s coming. There will be persecution of Christians for our stand.” Graham made this ominous remark right after the court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. 

He continued to say that he will not be swayed by the governmental ruling or the possible charges resulting from disobeying it: "I will never recognize it in my heart because God gave marriage between a man and a woman and that’s what marriage is. And I don’t think the court – since it never defined marriage – doesn’t have the right to redefine it. God gave us marriage. Period. And God doesn’t change his mind.”

“If pastors are going to be forced to provide marriage services for gay couples, I’m not going to do it,” Graham said boldly. Some, like Graham, are predicting that this new ruling will force Christians to stand their ground for Biblical marriage at a price--that it will challenge the religious freedoms of Christians far more than many think. 

In a telling remark, the late Charles Colson said: "If we're not willing to fight this, even to the point of breaking the law, or refusing to recognize the law, then we will lose everything."

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