Franklin Graham SHAMES America's Biggest Atheist Group, Congratulates High School On Their Victory Against Them

This group is relentless.  The Freedom From Religion Foundation has attacked everything from the cross to the Ten Commandments to, in this instance, the Lord's Prayer. They say they are against religion, and yet quite practically, their own religion is basically anti-Christian.

But here, in a bold and encouraging move, a group of students said that they would not be intimidated by the atheist group. Franklin Graham shares on his Facebook page about their victory and shames the FFRF.



You can read about the high school students' bold faith here.

What do you think about this exchange? One thing it seems to show is that these anti-God groups are often only as powerful as Christians let them be! Instead of bowing to the FFRF, these students showed us what courage can do! Do you agree?


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