Franklin Graham's POWERFUL Statement On America Losing God's Blessing

This election is about way more than personalities, says Franklin Graham. It's about the moral foundation of our nation. Whichever candidate gets voted into office in November will have the unique power to appoint up to 5 Supreme Court Justices who will decide on everything from furthering or capping abortion to Christians' religious liberties.

In a recent Facebook post, Graham makes a powerful statement concerning our embrace of abortion. Until now, there has still been a form of tug of war, with most conservatives fighting to keep abortion at bay or obliterate it. But if liberals take power this next cycle and force the full of embrace of abortion on our nation with our own tax dollars, the result could be disastrous. "God cannot bless a nation that embraces the murder of innocent children," Graham warns.



What do you think of Graham's warning? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!


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