Franklin Graham Describes The Women Accusing Trump With THESE 4 WORDS

With just a couple of weeks before the election, numerous women have come out of the woodwork to accuse Donald Trump of some form of sexual harassment. There are journalists, former Miss USA competitors, and past flings. While no one can say for sure who is telling the truth, one question many are asking is: Why are they all coming out now? Why didn't these women come out against Trump sooner? Some may have felt intimidated, and that's valid. But Franklin Graham believes that the women coming out just 3 weeks before the election is "more political than anything."

In a recent interview with CNN, Graham was asked about Trump's crude comments scandal. While Graham said that Trump's remarks could not be defended, he pointed out that Trump had apologized and that the comments were made 11 years ago. Graham advised that people take Trump at his word of apology and move on.

What do you think of Graham's opinion of Trump's scandal? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!

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