Franklin Graham Describes Christians Who Won't Vote With These 3 Strong Words

"Wrong, absolutely wrong." That's what Franklin Graham calls Christians who are refusing to vote in this election. Sure, the options aren't that perfect for everyone, but Graham says that God uses all sorts of people to accomplish His will and that Christians have a duty to impact the culture that they are in.

In a last-call interview with Fox before the election, Graham reminds Christians that the Apostle Paul used his Roman citizenship to impact his culture. When asked if Christians were dodging their responsibility by not voting for either candidate, Graham stepped out further and said, "They're wrong, absolutely wrong." He went on to say that Christians are losing our voice in America, and this election is most about the next round of Supreme Court Justices, not all the other stuff the media is focusing on.

You can watch the powerful interview here.

What do you think of Graham's strong words? Let us hear your thoughts and prayers in the Comments!

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