Franklin Graham Calls Latest LGBT Ad "A Lie From Satan"

One thing about Franklin Graham: he doesn't mince his words. In a latest Facebook post, Graham shares how our tax dollars are going toward a very specific and small group--and how they are being pitched a lie.


Fox News shares the tax-payer funded campaign's mission statement: “This Free Life is a campaign that proudly celebrates the lives of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. We wave our colors high and seek to improve LGBT people’s health by encouraging tobacco-free lifestyles.”

“We focus on tobacco because of the damage it is causing in our community. Think about all the progress we’ve made. From becoming powerhouses in entertainment, to standing up for our unique identities, we’ve simply come too far to set ourselves back by using tobacco. This Free Life wants to keep our momentum going by encouraging our community to live tobacco-free.”

What do you think about this tax-funded initiative? Let us know in the Comments! Thank you!


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