Franklin Graham Applauds Football Fans For Singing This “Forbidden” Song

America is still a country of free speech, right?  And freedom of religion?  Recent events have many wondering.


Like when a Mississippi high school band was banned from performing “How Great Thou Art.”  According to Fox News, “The band was ordered off the field because the Christian hymn “How Great Thou Art” was a part of their halftime show—in violation of a federal court order.”

Where did the federal court order come from? It all started in 2013 when a student sued the district over Christian meetings that had been held on school property.  Amazingly enough, the district ruled that they had violated the student’s First Amendment rights.  Then in July, a judge ruled the district had violated the previous ruling by letting a Christian pastor pray at an awards ceremony.

This judge, Carlton Reeves, was appointed by Obama and really laid into the district, forcing them to pay thousands in fines and warning they'd pay $10,000 more if there were any more infractions.

The order read, “Defendants are permanently enjoined from including prayer, religious sermons or activities in any school sponsored event including but not limited to assemblies, graduations, award ceremonies, athletic events and any other school event."

People across the state were so upset.  Let Franklin Graham tell you what happened next in his Facebook post:


Wow!  What do you think of what the football audience did?  Let us know your thoughts!  Thank you!


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