Francis Chan: 3 BIG Ways Your Family Can Damage Your Relationship With Christ

Family first. Always.

That seems like a natural sentiment. God has given husbands and wives a vital task of loving and supporting each other through thick and thin, and it's difficult to overemphasize the importance of being strong, caring, and educating parents. But according to the Christian Post, influential author and preacher Francis Chan says dating, marriage, and children can easily distract us from our lifelong ministry work.

Here are 3 ways how:


In a recent message, Chan said focusing on the comfort and security of our loved ones, while important, can have the side effect of keeping us focused on safety rather than on advancing God's kingdom.

This fortress mentality can keep us in our comfort zones rather than encouraging us to step out in faith on the sometimes dangerous road God leads us on for growth and maturity.

Chan says shunning risk is "why so many of the kids, when they turn 18, they just ditch God altogether. Because they didn't see anything real in your life. They didn't see that [sense of] adventure, and you didn't put yourself in positions where God had to come through — and then [when] He comes through and your whole family is going, 'Wow, that was amazing! I am never going to leave that God.'"

Chan's advice? Open yourself up to the Holy Spirit's leading. Take risks. Allow God to lead you on a crazy adventure instead of a "Christian version of the American dream that's watered down."

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