Fox News Host Suggests President Trump Do THIS To Rachel Maddow After Tax Leak!


Rachel Maddow, MSNBC News Host, leaked President Trump’s 2005 tax documents on March 14th in attempt to reveal unknown information to the public.

Maddow’s motives were clearly against Trump and not in favor of him. However, the tax documents actually turned out to reveal favorable information about our President.


Fox News Host, Lisa Marie Boothe, suggested Trump even send her a thank you card and some delicious wine.

“I think that President Trump should send Rachel Maddow a thank you letter and maybe some Trump wine to enjoy one night because she helped him out.”

Boothe then mentions what the public found out from his tax documents.

“He’s really really rich. He pays a high tax rate, higher than even corporations like MSNBC [Maddow’s workplace]. So yeah, he should send her a thank you note!”

Boothe ends her clip with stating that even though Maddow saw a massive increase in viewers, it wasn’t necessarily to her benefit.


“Here’s the problem for someone like Rachel Maddow...she saw a 60% increase in viewership, 4 million viewers tuning in, but for what? To watch her fall flat on her face!”

“The problem for her, and the problem for the Left, and the problem for a lot of people in the media is in their effort to try to undermine the credibility of President Trump, they are so engrossed in it that they are undermining their own credibility. And that is exactly what Rachel Maddow did.”

What do you think about Boothe’s conclusion?

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