FORCED Deception: Chicago Vows To Punish Teachers And Students If They Don't Lie About Gender

It's a tricky situation. You encounter a transgender person, and what do you call them? If you believe in God and the Bible--that He made each of us (on purpose) "male and female"--how do you stick to your beliefs while also not offending the person? A man can try to become a woman, but he will still always be a man. To refer to him as a woman or with feminine personal pronouns would be, essentially, a lie. It's very tough situation. However, Chicago schools have decided that people must lie or else be punished. 


The Christian Post reports: "Chicago Public Schools have introduced new guidelines in support of transgender students, threatening to punish employees or students who purposefully use the wrong terms when addressing transgender people." So if Jason is friends with Paul who he has known for a long time. And Paul decides he wants to be a girl and be called Nicole, if Jason doesn't call Paul "she" and "Nicole,"he will be punished. This is forcing Paul to lie.

The new mandate goes even further into parents' rights by hiding from them if their child is transgender at school.  "What is more, school staff will be required to conceal from a student's parents their preferred name or pronoun at school, should the student ask for the information to be kept private," The Christian Post reports. So, you don't even have the right as a parent to know critical information about your child! This places the school and the state above the parent, a mark of a totalitarian government.

The message this sends to kids and teachers is so detrimental. They are being forced to comply with a lie, embedding it further into the next generation's world view. It will inevitably have bad consequences--do you agree? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!

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