Flooding Gets Worse In Columbia, S.C. After 18 Inches Of Rain In 24 Hours

Hurricane Joaquin may be heading out to sea away from the Eastern Seaboard, but it has already caused a lot of difficulties for parts of South Carolina.

According to The Associated Press, the areas around the state capital of Columbia saw torrential downpours with up to 18 inches of rain in 24 hours. 200 swift-water rescues have already taken place with another 200 calls still pending as people wait up to several hours for busy crews to arrive.


Floodwaters from overflowing creeks have gotten so deep in places that they nearly reached the stoplights at one particular intersection. Numerous photos are in circulation of residents using kayaks and paddleboards to get around deeply flooded streets. As of Sunday afternoon, around 30,000 customers were still without power.

Please pray for those affected by Hurricane Joaquin and for the rescue workers trying to save them.

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