Five Ways to Strengthen Your Prayer Life

For some prayer warriors, prayer is something that is already second nature. It comes as easy as reciting the ABC’s. For the vast majority of us, it’s easy to fall in a rut of the same prayer on repeat. It’s simple, convenient (when you remember to do it), and doesn’t require much effort on your part. The problem with that method is you never have a chance to be fully connected and engaged with God. Prayer is a holy, spiritual time where you come to meet with God. If you’re in need of a spiritual revamp in your prayer life, we’ve compiled a few guidelines that can help strengthen your time with the Lord.


1. If you find it harder to focus, try setting aside a specific time and place where you can be alone. Distractions such a crying babies, ringing phones, or television can completely derail your quiet time. Work it into your schedule just as you would any other daily appointment. Once you make it part of your routine, it will easily become a habit. 

2. Try praying aloud. Often times, silent prayers can start with the best of intentions but before you know it, you’re off in la la land thinking about what you should wear for tomorrow’s work meeting rather than focusing on your prayer. Praying aloud forces you to pay more attention to your words which in turn keeps you more concentrated altogether. 

3. Start a daily prayer journal. Some find it easier to communicate more openly with a pen and paper than spoken words. Make a list of your prayer requests and begin writing out your prayers to God.

4. Spend time in undistracted worship. Most worship is a simple prayer put to music. Spend some time alone listening, singing, and worshipping.

5. Pray with busy hands. If you find yourself to be more crafty, try bible journaling, coloring your prayers, or even sewing them! 

No matter what form of prayer you resonate with most, know that God is listening and always welcomes an open, willing heart. 

 “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.” James 4:8

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