Famous Actor Sparks ROARING Laughter When He Compares Trump to THIS Man!


Conservatives are laughing at Tyrese Gibson’s public plea to the Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots, when he compares President Trump to Adolf Hitler!


An annual tradition for the Super Bowl Champions is to visit the White House and meet the President of the United States.

Tyrese encourages the Patriots to go against this tradition by posting a video online to get their attention. He says, “Do NOT go to the White House! You do not want to celebrate winning the Super Bowl this way. You’re going to send the wrong message. That’s just like deciding to let Adolf Hitler honor you for winning the Super Bowl.”

He continues, “This man right here does not represent the diversity that is on your team and your organization. It does not represent your mother, your wife, your kids, your daughters. This man and his situation does not represent what you are.”

Mark Dice, a comedian, makes fun of Tyrese’s remarks and thousands of people on youtube are agreeing that his ‘meltdown’ is ridiculous!

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