Teacher Tells Every White Student In His Classroom That They're Racist

A white Oklahoma high school teacher appears to be trying to create a racial divide among his students by declaring that all the white students in his class, and himself,...

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Is Uncle Si Your Favorite 'Duck Dynasty' Personality? He's Getting His Own Show, Jack!

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Two Girls Don't Want To Be Homecoming Queen; Both Want The Other Title

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School: Who Are We To Say Homecoming King And Queen Have To Be Boy And Girl?

Uncle Si: Why My Wife Never Appears On 'Duck Dynasty'

"Uncle Si" Robertson thinks it's strange that he's been proposed to multiple times since becoming a "Duck Dynasty" TV star,...

Target Rushes To REVERSE Store Policy After BACKLASH Of Customer Complaints

Target rushed to reverse a new store policy after getting a backlash of complaints from its customers recently. But it's...

Mom Calls Cops On Her Own 3-Year-Old For Repeatedly Unbuckling Seatbelt

It sounds shocking — a mother calls the police to report her 3-year-old daughter for repeatedly unbuckling her seatbelt. But...

Franklin Graham Warns Parents About The Tech Danger That Could RUIN Their Kid's Life

This is so sad. As you read the well-written Washington Post story, fear grips your heart. What if this happened...

Willie and Kori Robertson: It's A Boy!

Willie and Kori Robertson, stars of "Duck Dynasty," have officially welcomed a new son into their family.

Watch British Prime Minister, Parliament Member SLAM College 'Safe Spaces'

Once in a great while, British leaders say things that should be said in America, like the time former British...