When Man Saw THIS In The Sky Last Week, He Slammed On His Brakes

Cory Hearon was driving down the road in Camden, South Carolina last Tuesday when he saw something in the sky that caused him to slam on his brakes. He whipped...

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Max Lucado Speaks Out After Anti-Trump Group Uses Him in Ad


Are You Wasting Your Bible?

Franklin Graham's Powerful Question To Christians On America's Growing Spiritual Battle

What is this election all about? Is it just two fiery personalities up to bat for the presidency? Is it...

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In a very uncharacteristic acknowledgement of her own faith, Hillary Clinton tried her best to appeal to a Catholic audience...

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When asked about it, John Piper makes a very unpopular suggestion about Sunday school for children.

Jeffress: Don't Try To Use The Bible To Defend Your Homosexual Choices

Earlier this year, Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church of Dallas delivered a theological smackdown to gay reverend Neil...

Max Lucado Predicts Winner Of Presidential Election

Writing for Christian Today, San Antonio megachurch pastor and author Max Lucado gave his prediction for the winner of the...

Jeffress: I Disagree With Max Lucado About Trump Not Being Right Type Of Leader

San Antonio megachurch pastor and author Max Lucado says he'll never disclose who he's voting for, according to an NPR...