Extra Credit Given For Bashing Trump In Liberal Professor’s Class

It is no surprise that colleges are liberal training grounds where impressionable youth get fed left wing rhetoric.

In Dr. Fidel Fajardo-Acosta’s world literature class at Creighton University, being blatantly liberal and falling in line with Acosta’s approved agenda will affect your grade.

On a recent test, a multiple-choice question was given for extra credit.  The question asked “Donald Trump is: a fool, already in hell, a clown, all of the answer choices for this question are correct, an evil man, the Anti-Christ.”  The question was worth 5 points.

According to Fox News, there was no space to write in an answer and it was not known what the correct answer was.  However, if you are a Trump supporter, it sounds like Acosta’s class might be the “hell” he described for Trump.

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