Environmentalists In UPROAR After Wikileaks Shows Hillary To Be A Green Fraud

Environmentalists are in an uproar after a Wikileaks released documents showing that Hillary Clinton has a very different view on fracking than she's publicly presented.


According to the Washington Times, the documents reveal a private, paid speech by Hillary where she is blasting "phony environmental groups" paid by Russia to block fracking in America, and quite possibly, the Dakota Pipeline.

Hillary explained to the crowd in 2014, “We were up against Russia pushing oligarchs and others to buy media. We were even up against phony environmental groups, and I’m a big environmentalist, but these were funded by the Russians to stand against any effort, ‘Oh that pipeline, that fracking, that whatever will be a problem for you,’ and a lot of the money supporting that message was coming from Russia."

Pro-fracking groups have long been claiming that Russia is behind efforts to block fracking in the U.S. because it hurts their own oil business, but Hillary has never publicly revealed that she believes the same thing.

Hillary's words also show a pro-fracking stance despite trying to appear highly critical of it on her campaign in order to please environmentalists. This is confirmed in another leaked document that shows her praising fracking during a 2013 speech and expressing her hope that it would be used all across North America.

Not surprisingly, environmentalists are fuming.

Jordan Chariton of Mediaite and The Young Turks tweeted on Sunday, “Apparently, @HillaryClinton will help clean up world w/ renewable energy—right after she helps poison it w/ fracking."

Morse's Political Gadfly said on Twitter, "HRC is a climate-polluting & pro-fracking shill—she's unfit to be POTUS."

Tammy Kosiancic said on Twitter, "I want to punch her in the face."

Bernie Sanders supporter Ninma also wrote on Twitter, "She is insane, she needs to be locked up. This is even worse than Trumps Climate Change is a Chinese Conspiracy."

What do you think of this?

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