Elizabeth Thomas Finally Reunited With Family!


Missing Teen Elizabeth Thomas and her abductor, 50-year-old former teacher Tad Cummins, have finally been found after 39 days, answering prayers across the nation.

Thomas and Cummins were discovered in a small town located in Northern California after a young, cabin property caretaker noticed the two were indeed the people from the nationwide Amber Alert.

Local Tennessee news source, WKRN, reported Elizabeth Thomas has finally reunited with her family on Friday as she begins her recovery process.

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The Thomas family attorney released a statement:

“I was taken aback by who she is. Elizabeth is a little child. She could easily pass for 12… she is a little girl in every sense of the word.”

“She is being evaluated and treated by mental health experts specializing in trauma. There is no doubt that she has suffered severe emotional trauma and that her process of recovery is only just beginning.”

He also mentioned that the Thomas family is seeking privacy as ‘this journey begins’.

Please continue to pray for this family as they rejoice and recover!

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