Earliest Results Show THESE Candidates In The Lead On Super Tuesday

The earliest results are in for Georgia, Vermont, and Virginia as 12 states cast their votes for the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees. Results for Alabama, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas will be next as polls close in those states.

Here are the results as reported by The New York Times:

Georgia (3% of votes reported): Trump 47%, Cruz 21%, Rubio 21%, Carson 5%, Kasich 4%
Vermont (2% of votes reported): Trump 39%, Kasich 25%, Rubio 18%, Cruz 8%, Carson 6%
Virginia (38% of votes reported): Trump 37%, Rubio 31%, Cruz 17%, Kasich 8%, Carson 6%

Georgia (3% of votes reported): Clinton 75%, Sanders 24%
Vermont (4% of votes reported): Sanders 89%, Clinton 11%
Virginia (44% of votes reported): Clinton 63%, Sanders 37%

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