Duggars May Return to TV!

According to multiple news sources, the Duggar family have lately been spotted with TV crews near their home.  The Duggar family was the stars of the highly rated cable TV series "19 Kids and Counting" before problems surfaced with their oldest son Josh.


In December, TLC aired a special focused on the Duggars that reportedly drew 3 million viewers. The recent sitings of a camera crew, reportedly from TLC, raised speculation that more Duggars TV shows could be in the works.

According to a TLC spokesperson, the audience still cares about the Duggars and they are talking about whether to do more programming with the Duggars.

While many people are critical of Josh Duggar, still others view the fact that, out of 19 children, one had serious problems should not be a surprise. No one family is perfect; viewers may still be interested in the Duggars to see how a strong Christian family handles problems.

In some ways, it may be more interesting to average families -- who generally have problems themselves! -- how the Duggars deal with problems, rather than just assuming the Duggars have no problems. So stay tuned to see if the rumors that TLC will sponsor more Duggars shows are really true!

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