Dr. Dobson Reveals One Very Important Question He Asked Trump That Affects All Christians

In June of this year, Donald Trump held a meeting with some of the brightest evangelical minds in America. In attendance was Dr. James Dobson, the founder of Focus On The Family and Family Talk. 

In an article for WND, Dr. Dobson described the very important question that he asked Trump. “Our Supreme Court has struck down Bible reading in schools and even prohibited prayer to an unidentified God,” Dr. Dobson started. “Then, they banned the posting of the Ten Commandments on bulletin boards. From there, the limitation on religious liberties has become even more egregious.”

“Sir, if you are elected president, how will you protect our religious liberties?” Dr. Dobson asked Trump. “Will we have to fight another revolutionary war to secure those rights to worship, think and speak?”

Dr. Dobson recalls that Trump was very sympathetic to concerns of Christians. “I do recall he said it was an outrage that Christians have been deprived of their rights to speak openly on behalf of the values and principles in which they believe,” Dr. Dobson wrote in his article.

The one law that handcuffs Christians the most is a 1954 tax code amendment pushed through Congress in 1954 by Lyndon Johnson. The law severely limits the freedom of speech and religion of church leaders and Christian organizations by prohibiting them from sharing their opinions about political parties and candidates.

“That law plagues us to this day,” Dr. Dobson wrote. “Trump rightly condemned the legislation, which muzzled those of us who would otherwise use our influence to support our beliefs. He called that provision ‘unfair,’ and promised to overturn it if he is elected. That would have a great impact on Washington because it would unleash Christian activists to fight for their beliefs.”

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