Donald Trump Jr. Makes Announcement About Running For Political Office


Following a long list of famous families, the Trump's have entered the political arena and appear to be here to stay for a long time.

Many, if not all of President Trump's children, are successful in their own right, well liked, and thanks to their father, are gaining valuable political experience.

President Trump's oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., was seen campaigning with and for his father throughout the 2016 election cycle. Many people were extremely optimistic about Trump Jr. running for office himself.

However, Donald Trump Jr. has just announced he will not be running for office during the next election cycle. He did leave the door open to the possibility in the future though.

"People keep asking me: when are you running for mayor?" he told The Associated Press. "Well, I'm not. If I was, New York City mayor is much less interesting to me than perhaps other things like governor of a state. That's not saying I'm running. It's just saying that, hey, if I ever did something, I'd probably be more interested in something like that."


He also went on to say "Maybe someday," he said. "It's not something I'm doing now. But you never know, it's fascinating stuff."

President Trump spoke similar language throughout his early years while he built his business. It wasn't until just now that he ran for president and won. Perhaps political office is in the future for some, if not many, of the Trump children.

What do you thnk about this? Would you like to see them get involved?

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