Does This New Development Signal The End Of Carson’s Campaign?

GOP presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson spent the summer atop the polls with Donald Trump.  Since then he has slowly faded from the limelight according to the majority of the polls he is firmly in the middle of the pack.  Carson’s recession doesn’t mean that he can’t recover but it would be a major uphill battle and a minor miracle.

Contenders can rise from the back of the pack, but rarely does one who leads and falls ever return back to the top.  According to the Hill, Carson’s campaign just suffered a huge setback.  Two of his top advisors have left his campaign.

Communications director Doug Watts and campaign manager Barry Bennett have resigned from Carson’s campaign.  “We respect the candidate and we have enjoyed helping him go from far back in the field to top tier status,” Watts said, “Having just announced raising $23 million for the fourth quarter, more than any other Republican candidate, and passing 1 million contributions and over 600,000 unique donors since March, we are proud of our efforts for Dr. Carson and we wish him and his campaign the best of luck.”

While Carson raised the most money in the recent quarter, Jeb Bush’s campaign showed that having enormous amounts of money doesn’t equal results. 

Do you think that Carson’s campaign is still going strong?  Or does his top two advisors ditching in the middle of the campaign signal the end?

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