Disney Vows Religious Discrimination If Georgia Doesn’t Cave To THIS Demand

A new law set to go into effect in Georgia once it is signed by the governor has Disney up in arms and threatening to discriminate against the state.

The new bill “Free Exercise Protection Act” or HB 757 was passed by the state’s assembly and according to the Blaze, is awaiting governor Nathan Deal’s signature.  The new legislation was authored to protect the religious freedoms of Georgia’s citizens.

HB 757 allows religious leaders to opt out of having to perform weddings that violate their faith.  The bill also protects churches and other houses of worship from being used for purposes that are not in line with the values of that facilities religious affiliation.  The bill also defends people’s right to not work on the Sabbath if their faith dictates.

The formerly family friendly Disney has threatened to no longer film any of their movies in the state of Georgia unless the governor strikes down the new bill.  Disney is planning to discriminate against Georgia because it claims that the new bill discriminates against LGBT people.

“Although we have had great experiences filming in Georgia,” a Disney spokesperson said, “we will plan to take our business elsewhere should any legislation allowing discriminatory practices be signed into state law.”

It is not without irony that as Disney is attempting to portray the new religious freedom protection bill as a form of discrimination, they are openly discriminating against people of faith by essentially declaring that all people must reject their faith in order to appease a small segment of the population.

Governor Deal sees through the irony and intends to listen to the voice of his citizens.  “I will try to use my best judgment to do what the people of Georgia elected me to do,” Governor Deal said. “And that was to make the best decision for the people of this state as a whole.”

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