Did You Hear What Ted Cruz's Dad Said About Jews?

A lot of people have felt that America has strayed from her pro-Israel stance in the last several years. More and more, we have been sympathetic towards Palestine and others who would want to hurt the Jews. But Ted Cruz's dad, an outspoken pastor, says it won't be like that under his son's administration.


At a recent event, Pastor Rafael Cruz said that his son will "not fund the United Nations until they stop supporting BDS and anti-Semitism," (a movement advocating sanctions against Israel). "Israel is the only country in the world with a title deed from the Almighty!," the elder Cruz said, referring to God's promise to the Jews.

Pastor Cruz believes Americans need to get back to understanding why supporting Israel is so important, saying, the "foundation of America and the American Constitution was the Torah."

Cruz's speech was well-receiving in Israel, reports the Christian PostLaurie Cardoza-Moore, who ran the event, said, "Pastor Cruz is a true friend of Israel and the Jewish people within the evangelical world. We need more people like him today, when more and more of our brothers and sisters are embracing heretical forms of anti-Semitism like BDS and replacement theology."

We agree! We love to hear voices in the media strongly advocating for Israel! Do you agree? What do you think about Pastor Cruz's statements?




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