Democratic Politicians Respond To Orlando Attack By Declaring War On THESE People

Just days after another brutal radical Islamic terrorist attack on U.S. soil, Democrats from the House of Representatives are set to meet to deal with “violent extremism on America’s public lands.”  Sounds great, right? Sounds like politicians are finally willing to deal with the threat that all of western civilization faces.

A panel of House Democrats got together on Wednesday to discuss “right wing extremists” and according to the Washington Post, the meeting has nothing to do with terrorists and their increasing attacks. The meeting was convened over the actions of Cliven Bundy and his armed supporters that took over a building at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon earlier this year.


The Democrats actually believe that a few armed men camping out in the middle of nowhere to protest the severe overreach of the federal government and their land grabbing tendencies is somehow a greater threat to Americans than radical Islamic terrorists who murder innocent civilians.

“Republican Congressional leaders have done nothing to combat this growing threat,” Representative Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) said. “Indeed they ignored a request to hold a Natural Resources Committee hearing on this issue.”

What do you think is the bigger threat to Americans? People protecting their land or radical Islamic terrorists?

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