Democratic Elector REBELS, Says He'll Vote AGAINST The Popular Vote If...

There is dissension in the ranks. A Democrat elector is planning to throw a wrench into the presidential electoral college system, and it won't make Hillary Clinton happy.


The state of Washington gets 12 electorate votes, and the 12 assigned electors are expected to all cast their vote for whichever candidate the majority of Washington voters vote for. But, according to the Associated Press, Democrat Robert Satiacum is rebelling.

Satiacum, who is an American Indian Bernie Sanders supporter, says Hillary is a criminal and a flip-flopper who has done nothing to help his people.

"She will not get my vote, period," Satiacum made it clear.

So even if the popular vote in heavily Democratic Washington goes to Hillary, as expected, he'll still refuse to vote for her. Because Washington is a winner-take-all state (like most), Hillary would still get all 12 electorate votes. Satiacum would also face an automatic "faithless electors" fine of $1,000.

But he said he doesn't care.

"This is a time we all need to stand up and speak out," he said.

As for who he'll actually cast his vote for, it's unclear, but he's not a supporter of Donald Trump either.

What do you think of this?

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