Delta Airlines Boots Family And Two Small Kids After This Happened On Their Flight


After a month filled with airline controversies, a new airline is now in the crosshairs after what just happened on this flight.

Delta airlines is fighting back and defending itself after recently having to boot a family with two small kids from one of their flights.

According to the Californian familythey were kicked off of a Delta Air Lines flight last month with two of their children after refusing to give up a seat they bought for another child. 

Fox News says that Brian Schear, his wife, and two of their children, were reportedly boarding a flight from Maui, Hawaii, to Los Angeles on April 23 when airline officials asked the couple to give up a seat Schear says he had purchased for their older son.

The twist is that Brian's 18-year-old son had previously returned on a prior flight and Brian and his wife planned to use their oldest son's seat for one of their smaller children.

That's when the Delta employee informed Brian of something he never saw coming. Watch the video of the incident and see what Delta did!


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