Cruz Speaks Out About Carson's Muslim Views, Obama’s Faith And Public Policies

On an appearance of “Meet The Press” while in Iowa, presidential nominee Ted Cruz was asked about Ben Carson’s recent comments in which he said that a Muslim should not be president.  “Do you agree?” the reporter asked.

“The constitution specifies that there shall be no religious test for public office, and I’m a constitutionalist,” Cruz replied, careful not to be entrapped in the “gotcha” world of sound-bite media. 

“I will note that the press has loved asking in the past couple of days questions about president Obama and his religion”, Cruz continued, “And I guess it all started with a town hall with Donald Trump and my view is, listen, the president’s faith is between him and God.” 

Cruz told the reporter what issue really matters in this case.  “What I’m going to focus on is his public policy record, and his public policy record has been atrocious, when it comes in particular to Christians.”

Do you agree with Cruz?

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