Conservative Professor Fights to Keep Job After Supporting Student Who Said THIS

In the fall 2014 semester, a student at Marquette University in Wisconsin was rebuked by a teaching assistant and asked to drop out of the philosophy class when he expressed conservative views, according to Breitbart.


According to Marquette professor John McAdams, writing in the Marquette Warrior, the student was arguing against gay marriage and gay adoption in regards to the welfare of a child when the teaching assistant shut him down. He later approached her after class, and she told him he didn't have the right to make comments in the class that she deemed homophobic.

She reportedly said "In this class, homophobic comments, racist comments, will not be tolerated."

McAdams publicly rebuked the teaching assistant for her leftist tactics of shutting down views she didn't agree with. This week, the Catholic university responded by threatening to suspend McAdams without pay and ultimately fire him unless he apologized to the teaching assistant and admitted "deep regret" for what he did.

McAdams likened their demands to the “Inquisition, in which victims who ‘confessed’ they had been consorting with Satan and spreading heresy would be spared execution.”

The incident is ongoing.

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