Conservative Black Pastor: The Left Can't Possible Say 'Black Lives Matter' When...

Liberals really can't say that black lives matter, said black televangelist and pastor Mark Burns on Sirius XM Breitbart News Daily yesterday.


After talking about the damage the Democrat's welfare system has done to minority families, Burns said, “Not only that, how we murder our babies. We can’t declare ‘black lives matter’ when black baby lives don’t matter. African-Americans make up 13, 14 percent of America’s population, but yet we make up over 40 percent of abortions in America right now. That’s a lot of dead, murdered black babies.”

Burns added, “We’re not tackling those issues. We’re not discussing the facts. We’re making decisions based on feelings, and emotions, not facts. Right now, factually, the Democrat Party is not good for black Americans.”

Do you agree?

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