Congressional Black Caucus Announces DESPICABLE Plan, OUTRAGES Police Everywhere!


Recently, a painting was hung on the wall of the U.S. Capitol building depicting "police as pigs." The piece was the winning entry in an art contest and was scheduled to be on display at the Capitol.  After many people, including police officers, complained about the image and the way in which it portrays cops, California Rep. Duncan Hunter took action.

Hunter went and physically removed the painting from the wall. Now, the Congressional Black Caucus has announced plans to re-hang the image, saying they are "defending the constitution. There have also been reports that Hunter should now be ARRESTED for removing the painting.

Watch the video and listen as Rep. Hunter tell Fox News about the issue.

The irony of the situation comes on the heels of heated debates that took place throughout the Christmas holiday.  Across the nation, liberals waged a war on Christmas by making conservatives and Christians remove crosses and say the word "holiday" instead of Christmas.

However, now, liberals don't care about offending anyone as the show police as pigs. The same police who defend them on a daily basis.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Do you think the painting is simply an artistic display or does is it offensive?

Let us know in the comments section of our Facebook page!

God Bless Our Police Officers!

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