Congress Approves Burial of WWII Female Pilots at Arlington

Bill on its Way to President Obama Would Allow Women Airforce Service Pilot Burial at Arlington National Cemetery

Today on Facebook, Representative Martha McSally, a former combat pilot, announced, "It’s been just 19 weeks since the Army’s decision to kick out our pioneering female World War II pilots from Arlington Cemetery was brought to light, and we’ve been fighting ever since. We worked hard to build support in both chambers of Congress to restore inurnment rights for our WASPs and make sure this bill would continue moving forward. Today, my bill to restore the WASPs' rights to be laid to rest at Arlington cleared Congress and goes to the President's desk. I encourage him to sign it immediately."

Women Airforce Service Pilots risked their lives to serve their country when it needed them most. Tell President Obama that it's the least we can do to give them the same honor we give our combat pilots!

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