Cohosts Other Than Candace Actually Stand Up For The Duggars On 'The View'

The Duggar family has received a lot of love and hate over the years for their "19 Kids and Counting" reality TV show, including a lot of flak for the whole family more recently with son Josh's sex-abuse scandal. But when the discussion came up on "The View's" largely liberal discussion panel, the cohosts and contributors were surprisingly supportive of a new TLC show "Jill & Jessa: Counting On" featuring two of the married Duggar daughters and their young families.


Cohost Paula Faris defended the Duggars, saying, "America has been looking for a reason to relate to this family, and I think this could be a big relatable moment for them. They're taking something that might be unthinkable...and as my pastor always says, 'you can find gold in the garbage.' [This is about] forgiveness and how you can reconcile with your family."

Cohost Raven-Symoné added, "We've been invested in this family for this long. We kind of want to see what happens."

ET Senior News Editor Jen Peros commented, "Now the two girls have their own two little children, so we get to see them as mothers. Listen, this is TLC's highest rated show ever."

Joy Behar scoffed that all the show is about is ratings.

Cohost Candace Cameron Bure spoke up, saying, "This new show is about the girls, and now their mothers. You can't blame their brother's actions on them having their own show."

Joy conceded, "They should have the show. I agree."

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