Coach Kennedy Fires Back At The School That Targeted Him For Praying

Bremerton assistant football coach Joe Kennedy has been suspended by the high school since October 28th for refusing to stop praying before and after the football games.

The school took offense to Kennedy honoring God by taking a knee and bowing his head in prayer at the 50 yard line.  The student athletes joined Kennedy in prayer.  First the school tried to silence his faith by decreeing that he could no longer pray in public, then suspended him for his refusal to comply with their unconstitutional ban.


The school picked the wrong man of faith to target.  Kennedy is an ex Marine who won’t back down.  “I still believe in America being home of the free and the brave.  I haven’t seen that lately.  We constantly back down because someone could be offended.  But that’s not the American way.  We talk about practicing tolerance and acceptance and diversity yet we are not living up to that.  As an American, I can’t sit by and let that happen,” Kennedy told Fox News.

When asked why he didn’t just go along with the school’s prayer ban and stop praying, Kennedy said, “It largely has to do with me being a Marine and a veteran, fighting for the constitutional rights of all Americans.”

Coach Kennedy has taken steps to right the wrongs against him.  He has filed a discrimination complaint against the school district for their religious targeting.  In the complaint Kennedy points out that another assistant coach was not told to discontinue his Buddhist chants.  It appears that the district only targeted Kennedy’s Christian faith.

“BSD violated my rights to free exercise of religion and free speech by prohibiting my private religious expression and taking adverse employment action against me on the basis of my religion,” the complaint said.

Kennedy’s complaint is being handled by the Liberty Institute and it appears the school district has a major fight brewing.  Kennedy won’t back down and the constitution supports him.

Pray for coach Kennedy!

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