Clinton’s VP Vows That Hillary Will Do THIS In Her First 100 Days In Office

Politicians are always quick to offer their vision for the country and their plans for what they want to achieve once in office. In the case of Hillary Clinton, her choice for Vice President, Tim Kaine revealed that Clinton plans to legalize the illegal immigrants already in the United States.

Kaine gave an interview to Univision and Telemundo in Spanish on Monday and according to Fox News, Kaine vowed to help push Clinton’s plan make sweeping reforms to the immigration system.  “Hillary will do that in the administration’s first 100 days,” Kaine said. “With my Senate background with colleagues and party officials, I will help with that effort.

While being interviewed, Kaine also took the time to paint Donald Trump as a racist. “In this campaign, Hillary Clinton wanted to reform the system in 2006,” Kaine said. “Donald Trump isn’t just fighting reform, for him Latinos are second-class people.”

Clinton has made it clear throughout her campaign that she has no desire to uphold current immigration laws and send illegal immigrants back to their countries. Trump on the other hand has proposed securing the border and making sure that those who come to America do it through the legal process.

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